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What is a true Brazilian?  It usually depends on the person providing the service.  I describe it to my clients as "tummy to tail".  However, you are free to design your own waxing experience. 


If this is your first time, here are some basics you need to know:

•if you normally shave, the appointment should be scheduled at least 3 weeks minimum out from your last shave date for the best length which 1/2"

•if you normally do your own "grooming", trimming and showering should be done before the appointment; 1/2" is the best length

•advice to take a pain reliever, I have found, is of little use

•do not let the first experience determine whether you will like to continue with intimate waxing; You will be nervous, I will calm you.  The anxiety of your first time will heighten your sense of feeling.  The next time you will know what to expect, so you will be less nervous.  Once you become a pro and stay on schedule, it will become a breeze!  Another advantage to regular waxing is that the growth will become slower and less over time.

•do not plan to work out or be exposed to the sun immediately before or after your appointment; if the skin's temperature is already on the warm side, the skin will be more likely to burn.  Also, the skin will be sensitive after the waxing.  


Commonly asked questions:


•what kind of wax do you use?  I use a zinc oxide hot wax, safe for sensitive skin.  In my experience of working with different types of waxes, I have found this wax to work well with all hair types and skin types.  It has a talc base, which provides a thin barrier so that burning is less likely to occur.

•how long will the appointment take?  That cannot be answered for a first time client.  Many factors come into play: body size, body shape, type of hair, amount of hair, length of hair.  In my 5 years of experience, my service times range from 20 to 45 min.


•how long will it last before new growth can be seen?  That cannot be answered with complete accuracy for a first time client.  Factors such as: type of hair, amount of hair, ethnicity, time of year, how prepared the client was 

•how do I best prepare?  The proper length is the best preparation.  If the length is too short, it will not work well or at all.  Many clients who are used to shaving daily or every other day feel as if 3-4 days worth of growth means they are ready!!  If the length is too long, the waxing experience will be more uncomfortable, it will take longer and will not be as successful.  For the best waxing experience, the wax must be able to get to the skin, otherwise the hair will break off rather than being taken by its root, thus causing those hairs to come back sooner

•what if it's too long?  I can still perform the service, however the discomfort will be greater, it will take longer, it may be less clean if breakage occurs, and the regrowth pattern will be uneven

•what if it's too short?  As long as there is at least 1/4" I can perform the service on most clients.  However, the chances of it being a clean waxing will be less likely, thus the regrowth will occur quickly due to the three basic stages of hair growth...brand new (under the skin), growing (just coming through the skin) and full growth (its maximum length).  The ideal length is when it is about 1/2" worth of growth.  If you arrive and leave with me with little or nothing to work with, I still charge $20 for the time I set aside for you. 

•what if I am not sure about the length?  I always laugh when answering this question...find a ruler and use it! 





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